What to Read in a Power Outage?

Hurricane Sandy, which President Barack Obama declared a “major disaster in New York and Long Island,” sprawled over the East Coast and left brutal damages.[1] Sandy created record levels of flood water, power outages, delayed mass transportation, and caused so much damage that people had to be evacuated from their homes and left with expensive impairments.

More than 7.6 million people across the East Coast lost power due to Sandy’s disastrous effects. According to New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, parts of New York could be without power for two to three days.[2]

Electricity is usually taken for granted until people no longer have it. Home appliances that run on electricity, water purifiers, lights… none of those things will work in a power outage unless a backup generator is hooked up. Instead of lights, people use candles; instead of television, people read for entertainment.

How are people who only use e-books supposed to read in a power outage? The average battery length of a Kindle Fire is 8 hours.[3] If e-reader customers did not think to plug their device in for a full charge before the storm, then hopefully they could find something interesting to do when those 8 hours are up.

Candles are a necessity in a power outing; as long as those without power have a supply and a few books, they can be entertained and reading for hours. Why limit yourself with an e-reader? Books will never run out of battery or need to be plugged in. They are low maintenance, reliable, and can take your mind to a relaxing place. Use them!


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