Interested in Rare Book Finds and Informative Demonstrations?

Second annual Antiquarian Book and Paper Fair in Springfield, Illinois greatly pleased crowds this weekend and has a bright future. Judy Wagenblast, director of community education at Lincoln Land Community College, discussed in the article below how this paper fair is different from most. Antiquarian offers unique book collectibles, various novel genres, out of print magazines, and exceptionally rare signed pictures and letters for sale.

From modern-day comics to antique books printed during the Revolutionary War, the paper variety suited all different preferences. In addition to selling a vast number of books, Antiquarian offered visitors the chance to see live demonstrations on the art of book binding. Admission was as cheap as a $1 for those who were 16 and older. Some books were sold for this same amount. Affordable in prices with informative displays, Antiquarian has the perfect old-fashioned bookstore feel.

“In age of technology, we still love our books,” said Wagenblast. We would like to tell Judy, all of us at The P.A. Hutchison Company appreciate and share your love.

Fair-goers should keep an eye out for next year’s event, Wagenblast hopes to make Antiquarian an annual tradition on the first Sunday of every November.  Read the full article below. Go Print!


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