Get Involved! Join Us in Our Food Drive

Thanksgiving is a time to eat as much tasty food as you can, spend time with family and friends, and wear sweatpants while watching football. Unfortunately, what many people consider common traditions, other families consider rare luxuries. With unemployment being a huge issue for many families, especially in Pennsylvania, some families struggle to serve a hearty Thanksgiving meal. The P.A. Hutchison Company is getting involved to change that. Help us help others, every little bit matters.

You may be asking yourself, “How can I help? Where can I drop off food?” One of your easiest options is to drop off your non-perishables to us. We are located at 400 Penn Avenue, Mayfield, PA 18433. Feel free to drop off any non-perishables! The P.A. Hutchison Company will bring all donated food to St. Francis of Assisi in Scranton, Pennsylvania. We will be accepting all non-perishables until Tuesday, November 20th.

If we are too far of a drive, there are still many opportunities to help. I searched in Google “Food Drives in Scranton, PA,” and I found several great websites including This site allows users to search for food drives by choosing their state, and then the city they want. You can type into Google any city or state you want to find a donation center near you.

Feed a Friend, run by United Neighborhood Centers of Northeastern Pennsylvania, is a voluntary, non-profit organization in its 32nd year. Feed a Friend helps struggling families enjoy the Thanksgiving dinners they dream of and deserve. Each registered family receives a basket that includes a turkey, potatoes, vegetables, cranberry sauce, apples, and pumpkin pie mix. Find out how to give monetary donations or to volunteer your services in packaging baskets to this amazing organization by visiting their website:

Donating food is very easy and affordable. The feeling of helping others in need is far more rewarding than any amount of money. Join The P.A. Hutchison Company in the fight on hunger, your contributions are unbelievably appreciated!


One thought on “Get Involved! Join Us in Our Food Drive

  1. Nicely put, it is true that it is in giving that one receives. As the economy worsens it is pertinent that we all try our hardest to help those in need.

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