Books Transformed Into Intricate Art

Books are normally on display to be touched and borrowed; many people do not consider all the different ideas they can apply to books. In fact, there is an increasing amount of printed pieces being made into art. These pieces are fascinating and can take hours to create.

Brian Dettmer, innovated sculptor and artist, has made a career out of morphing books into art. Dettmer, born in Chicago, has been featured by several news media sources. A few on the list are CBS Evening News, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Guardian (UK), The Telegraph (UK), and the Chicago Tribune.[1] His work with books has gained him international acclaim.

Even if one is not skilled at whittling, book art is still within reach. By color coordinating book shelves, and angling light on the printed pieces, a beautiful rainbow effect is displayed. This easy and fun project can brighten up a dull room.

An even simpler project would be to stack and glue old books, form a square. Make sure all books are level, place a piece of glass on top so the covers could be seen, and you have created yourself a small coffee table.

Altering books into art is a great way to recycle. Why not create something beautiful and new from old items? Books transformed into art are usually more guarded and understandably so.

There are endless possibilities for what a person can do with books. Such projects cannot be applied to e-readers. The cold, hard, metal tablet does not allow for many alterations. Buying print is investing your money into a piece that can be transformed into hundreds of other ideas, including unique art.

The article below shows more pictures of beautiful and intricate book art. Check it out for yourself!


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