Want to Lose Thanksgiving Weight? Use these Easy Ideas…

For many people, today is the first day back to work after a long Thanksgiving weekend. Are many of you feeling stuffed? Perhaps you feel as round as the turkey you ate on Thanksgiving Day? Although the average person gains 1-10 pounds during the holiday season, these fun ways of keeping in shape can help shed that unwanted weight.[1]

For those that are ambitious to quickly lose a few pounds, look in local communities for a Turkey Trot. Very common after Thanksgiving, a Turkey Trot is usually a 5k race (3.1 miles) that contestants can complete at his or her own pace. Start with a sprint, end with a walk, it does not matter. A great cardiovascular workout, a Turkey Trot will quickly help burn all the extra carbohydrates one consumed on Thanksgiving.[2]

Dance off extra weight with Zumba. Becoming increasingly more popular, Zumba is a fun workout that incorporates various dance combinations that provide an intense cardio and muscular routine to the entire body. 500-800 calories can be burned during one hour session.[3]

Want something a little slower? Go for a walk. Thanksgiving with all its portions and second (maybe third) helpings, can lead a person to consuming up to 4,000 calories. This is about 2,000 more calories than a person needs a day. A 180 pound person would have to briskly walk 5 hours or more to burn these calories.[4] Sounds like a lot? It’s not. Spread this out over a week and it comes to be about 43 minutes a day. By walking outside and viewing the beautiful fall foliage, time will fly by.

Feeling really lazy? Go watch a funny movie! Laughing for ten minutes straight can burn 40 calories. Burn even more calories by wiggling around to get comfortable; people who fidget burn up to 350 more calories than those that stay still.[5]

Join The P.A. Hutchison Company employees in getting in shape! Kick those unwanted pounds out the door and feel great about yourself. What is your favorite fat-burning activity? Let us know, we would love to hear!


2 thoughts on “Want to Lose Thanksgiving Weight? Use these Easy Ideas…

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