Football Fan? Packers Promote New Book

Former Green Bay Packers players Herb Adderley and Dave Robinson will be in Appleton, Wisconsin today to sign their new book, “Lombardi’s Left Side.” From 1-2:30 pm, Adderley and Robinson will be at Festival Foods at W3195 Van Roy Road. Later, from 6-6:30 then 7:00-8:00 pm, the famous athletes will be signing books at Lambeau Field.

Over the weekend, the players will be signing their book other locations as well. Join this event or others similar. Meeting authors is a great experience and can help readers understand dialogues easier. Keep an eye on the news to find more author book signings. Common because authors love meeting readers just as much as readers love meeting them, but they are also predominately free events.

Book signings, as wonderful as they are, only apply to printed books. This may seem unnecessary to state, but think about it: a person cannot get their e-reader signed. Obviously, if he or she wishes, it could be signed with a marker, but do you know anyone that would want to mark something so expensive?

Let’s explore this farther, say one was to get Adderley and Robinson to sign his or her e-reader, what would happen if in the future they no longer like those athletes or the Packers? The e-reader is marked and tarnished. That is a very expensive unwanted blemish. If a person gets a book signed, they could give away that book, or simply not have to look at it when he or she is reading another book. With e-readers, all books are read off of one device, so that signature would be there for all reading events.

Choose print and choose The P.A. Hutchison Company. You will be forever happy with your books!

For more information on Packers book signings, read the link below


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