Gloomy Weather Bringing You Down? Perk Up with Books

Experiencing Cabin Fever? Is a gloomy, cold winter dragging you down? Escape with a book! Proven to reduce stress, books can also lift and carry you away. Just use your imagination and the possibilities are endless.

If you feel trapped by the winter cold and want to explore a new territory, go to your local library and pick up a copy of “Stories from the Thousand and One Nights.” Begin reading these 42 stories and your mind will travel to the Middle East where Aladdin wishes upon a magic lamp, Ali-Baba discovers riches amongst thieves, and a woman tells stories to survive and find love.[1] These tales will warm you with the excitement they provide.

Looking for something more relaxing? Browse and search for a book on meditation. Want to cook? Try something new and buy a cookbook written by one of your favorite television chefs. Interested in an “oldie but goodie”?  Pick up “The Great Gatsby” by Scott F. Fitzgerald. Imagine and envision life as a flapper or a prestigious gentleman.

Or read “The Last Lecture,” by Randy Pausch and be truly touched. A Carnegie Mellon professor, Pausch was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer but refused to let that damage his good spirits. He spent the last few months of his life traveling and preaching people to live every single day to the fullest and follow one’s dreams.[2] Pausch’s inspirational mindset will make you forget how cold it is outside.

The University of Sussex found that reading for 6 minutes could reduce stress by 68%.[3] Read a good book and feel accomplished that you finished something. Think about what you learned from the reading and feel good about yourself.

Another idea to combat the winter blues, look into taking a class at a school near you, or find a book and reading club at a local community center. Share your love of reading with others and you may find new aspects of your favorite pieces to appreciate.

Books are an escape and can relieve stress, alter moods, and open a person’s mind. Let books be your escape this winter. The P.A. Hutchison Company prints thousands of different books, many of which are educational pieces. Let us print for you so we could provide these time traveling materials.




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