P.A. Hutch Leads in Serving Government Agencies


Despite slow economic growth, several private-sector printing companies are staying strong with the help of jobs from federal government agencies and departments. Often referred to as GPO, (The U.S. Government Printing Office) , many businesses are keeping busy with growing print jobs. “With advances in green printing and acceptance  of newer technologies, the (business) potential GPO printing holds for the industry is exciting,” stated Deborah Snider, senior vice president of Government Print Management.

The P.A. Hutchison Company proudly leads at number 3 on the list of “Top 50 GPO Suppliers.” Kate Brown, our Government Print Specialist, keeps busy with contracts coming in. Kate, with almost 3 years experience in government work, has expansive knowledge of GPO assignments.

With competitive prices, flexible capabilities, and the desire to please customers, The P.A. Hutchison Company is dedicated to producing the best print products. Let us print for you!

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One thought on “P.A. Hutch Leads in Serving Government Agencies

  1. Kate Brown has always been a dedicated, knowledgeable employee with a fantastic work ethic, it doesn’t surprise me that we’re ranked # 3 in GPO contracts.

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