Favorite Exercise Movements of 2012

people riding cycles at bicycle race

It seems as though every month there is a new diet fad or work out idea emerging from every media source. Let’s reflect back on 2012 and review some of this year’s most popular.

Creative and calorie-burning, The Color Run, first launched in January with 54 events, is a 5k race that spurred over 600,000 people to participate its first year. Plans for 2013 include large growth and adding 46 more events. Exercise, get messy, and end up looking like a painting with this colorful run!

CrossFit took off in 2012 with the help of a Reebok sponsorship. Using rope, one’s own body weight, gigantic tires, and other various objects, CrossFit increases and tests a person’s strengths and power. Once scrutinized, the work out regiment is now commonly found in gyms and exercises a person’s entire body.

Zombie Runs, perfect for Halloween, are 5k obstacle races where “zombies” chase after runners attempting to grab the “health flags” around their waists. Runners have motivation to increase speed in order to not get caught.

Barre Classes, especially loved by women, is a total body work out that incorporates a ballet bar for lightweight toning exercises. Expanding to new cities and gyms, this is a great strength work out without the heavyweights.

Sandbells are round bags of sand that are as cheap as $7.99. Easy to tuck away and pull out whenever one has the urge to exercise. Versatile, Sandballs range from 2-50 pounds and replace clunky dumbbells.

Staying fit has physical and mental benefits. Feel good about your body and relieve stress by working out. What is your favorite way to exercise? Let us know, we would love to hear!

Read other popular exercise trends of 2012 here:



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