No Need to Fear, Print is Holding Its Own

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People should not be so pessimistic. Book manufacturers and printing companies are keeping stride with e-books; print is here to stay.

Book lovers are fighting back and not willing to wave goodbye to their publishing and printing companies. Colin Robinson, founder of New York-based independent publishing company, OR books, recently wrote an article in the Guardian advising ten ideas he has to save the publishing industry.[1]

Jeremy Greenfield, editorial director of Digital Book World, responded to Robinson’s article in Forbes magazine. Greenfield draws attention to a detail many people fail to consider, “The publishing industry isn’t a monolithic thing: some publishers are doing well and others are not.” In our current economy, it seems unfair to judge an entire industry and generalize by giving it one label. The publishing and print worlds, just like all other industries in our country, have stories of successes and failures.

People have been focusing on the book industry’s sufferings, but as Greenfield goes on to say about the publishing world, “But if it were a monolithic thing, it would be pretty healthy right now. According to the latest stats from the Association of American Publishers, sales across the entire book industry were up about 7% through May of this year versus the first five months of last year. Across trade publishing (most books you see in bookstores), sales were up about 15%… These two data points, taken separately and together, suggest that publishing is thriving and, further, smaller and medium-sized publishers have more sales this year than last.”[2] In Canada, print sales still dominate the charts. Paperback books represent an estimated 56.7% of the market and hardcovers make up 23.6%.[3]

Also, what is all the hype over e-book and digital tablets? In fact, did you know that growth for adult e-books, the largest category for e-books, has slowed? Digital publishing revenues at Random House and Hachette are only up 6% on their total revenues from 2011.[4]

E-books are simply a fad, a current trend, comparable to toys such as Nintendo’s Game Boy or the popular 90’s toy, the Tamagatchi. These two products are examples of items whose hot-spot in the limelight has faded dramatically and cease to be part of most current conversations. Books, on the other hand, have been around for hundreds of years and are much more stable.

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