101 Ways to Save Money in 2013


MSN Living offers 100 Ways to Save Money in 2013 but they did not include the most important tip. The P.A. Hutchison Company has the 101st most important way to save money in 2013…

101: Start a book club. You may be thinking to yourself, “How could this save me money?” Well, gather a group of friends that share your love of reading and have each person purchase a book to read. Every week or every month, the frequency is up to you, the group could meet and discuss thoughts on the readings. Add some cheese and crackers and this could be a fun Friday night.

Swap books after every meeting and your investment on your first purchase will be well worth it. Everyone could share the books and be enriched by a variety of stories.

A book club could save you money by spreading out how often you have to buy something for entertainment. A book purchase once every few months is such a small price to pay for days full of reading adventures.

Read with us! The P.A. Hutchison Company knows the importance of books and how captivating they could be, do you?

Read MSN’s 100 Ways to Save Money in 2013 here:



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