Need a New Year’s Resolution? Take on 365 Books in 365 Days


In 2012, Jeff Ryan, author and book lover, could not think of a suitable New Year’s resolution to take on. Not a nail biter or bad money manager, Ryan could only think of one subject he wanted to improve on; he wanted to read more.

Ryan decided to read 366 books; about a book a day. The first week of January was the biggest adjustment. After completing seven books in seven days, Ryan knew he would be able to complete his New Year’s resolution. If Ryan fell behind, he made up for it by reading multiple books in upcoming days.

A full-time worker and family man, Ryan had a difficult task ahead of him. Despite his busy schedule, Ryan completed his task and found it mentally rewarding and satisfying. In 2013, he plans to read another 365.

Join Jeff Ryan and The P.A. Hutchison Company to see how many books you could read this year. It is not too late to add reading books to your New Year’s resolutions!

Read Jeff Ryan’s full story here:


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