P.A. Hutch Supervisor Celebrates 35 Years of Service


Upon hearing that a person has over 35 years experience at a company, one would assume that there are thousands of stories ingrained in the company involving that person. Maybe millions. For Mike D’Annunzio that is exactly the case.

Ever since Mike’s start at The P.A. Hutchison Company in 1976, he has been a devoted and loyal employee. Those words almost seem insignificant to describe Mike and his contributions. First to arrive, one of the last to leave, Mike is a charismatic worker who treats The P.A. Hutchison Company as a part of his family. In fact, sometimes we HAVE to tell him to go home! Really though, he is always assisting people and with such diverse knowledge, Mike helps employees all over the facility.

So how did The P.A. Hutchison Company gain such a valuable employee? Well, by luck, actually. After growing up in Moosic, Pennsylvania and attending Riverside High School, Mike came to The P.A. Hutchison Company in 1976 to find a summer job before attending college in the fall. Immediately comfortable and at home with fellow workers, that temporary position turned into a life-long career.

Modestly, Mike credits 3rd generation leader Phil Hutchison with his success and expansive bindery knowledge. However, many P.A. Hutchison employees have an additional perspective. “That man is constantly working for us,” described Erin Jones, Director of Sales and Administration. Mike is The P.A. Hutchison Company’s Bindery Supervisor, but he did not start off in managerial position. He immediately displayed great promise and quickly moved up the ladder. Mike started as a box lifter, and later moved on to be a truck driver, shipper, folder operator, assistant supervisor, until he became a supervisor at the young of 25 in 1983. This was after only being a part of the company for 7 years.

Do not assume you have Mike all figured out, he has a few surprises up his sleeve that many do not know about. Sue Stevens, close friend and coworker, shared one of Mike’s old favorite past times: stock car racing. And he was pretty good too. Mike raced his own car, #55, for 8 years at tracks and speedways such as Moc-A-Tek, Penn Can, and  Five Mile Point, he won a few championship races and placed 2nd and 3rd several times. “I’m actually thinking about getting back into it, something related to it at least, I love the thrill,” Mike describes. Although spending time with his five grandchildren and family is his favorite thrill.

Willing to try anything, Mike even took a line dancing class with his wife. “I was so bad, I have two left feet!” Mike said with a laugh. His two left feet did not stop him from joining all P.A. Hutch supervisors dance the YMCA at old work Christmas parties.

An overall great man, no one can say a bad word about Mike. “He’s such an easy going and helpful man,” Charlie Gibbs, Prepress Supervisor, said when asked about Mike. Ronnie Talerico loves working with Mike because they “get along great.” Charlie and Ronnie have each known Mike for over 30 years respectively. Sue Stevens illustrates Mike D’Annunzio’s personality perfectly, “He’d do anything for anybody.”

Mike has demonstrated his loyalty and hard work many times over the last 35 years and The P.A. Hutchison Company feels beyond fortunate to have him on our team. Chris Hutchison, 4th generation President and CEO, speaks of Mike in a most admiring manner, “His [Mike] dedication to never fail, makes supervising over him a very easy task. He is a pleasure to have employed at this company.” It is rare that a company has an employee with such devotion and flexibility. It would be extremely difficult to find someone more devoted than Mike D’Annunzio and that is why The P.A. Hutchison Company is thankful to him. We appreciate beyond words his hard work and dedication over the last 35 years.

The above picture shows Bindery Supervisor, Mike D’Annunzio, with President and CEO of The P.A. Hutchison Company, Chris Hutchison.


4 thoughts on “P.A. Hutch Supervisor Celebrates 35 Years of Service

  1. If I were going into battle, Mike D’Annunzio is the man I would pick to share a foxhole with….he’ll always cover your back, a great team person, a hard worker, and a great friend.

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