Active Credit Card Necessity for E-Books

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Ever have a friend borrow one of your possessions and never return it? It is worse when they did not even have your consent. E-readers beware: Barnes and Noble and other e-book providers do this to their customers.

Most would imagine that after purchasing an e-book, that digital story belongs to them. We shall not even dive into all the different examples of how Amazon has cleared out people’s entire digital libraries. This piece is not about Linn, the Norwegian woman who discovered one day that her entire e-book account and purchases had been wiped out by Amazon.[1]

The disappearing act of e-books provided by Barnes and Noble is our current focus today. “Barnes & Noble is stopping customers from downloading ebooks they’ve already bought if the credit card they used to pay has expired, it has emerged.”[2]

Attention was made of the issue when blog site, The Consumerist, shared the story of a reader going by name “Synimatik.” Synimatik explained, “Yesterday, I tried to download an e-book I paid for, and previously put on my Nook, a few months ago. When I tried, I got an error message stating I could not download the book because the credit card on file had expired. But, I already paid for it. Who cares if the credit card is expired? It has long since been paid for, so the status of the card on file has nothing to do with my ability to download said book. I didn’t see anything in the terms of service about this either …”[3]

Many digital users complain about Digital Rights Management (DRM). DRM is an access control technology used by mostly all major, for-profit online publishing companies which was created to limit the use of digital content after its sale and reduce piracy. Stripping DRM from e-readers is against most terms of use.[4]

Instead of having to worry about DRM having control of your digital purchases or if Barnes and Noble will take your money and keep rights to your e-book, simply BUY PRINT. Avoid the headache and worry! If Synimatik had purchased the print version of his e-book, neither Barnes and Noble, or anyone else, could take his purchase away from him. The pages would not disappear despite if a credit card is active or not, and the book would belong to Synimatik forever if wished.

Reading books should be relaxing. Consumers should not have to worry about their purchases vanishing.  Maybe we are old fashioned at The P.A. Hutchison Company, but we believe people work hard for their money and no one should be allowed to take your properties away from you. Let us print for you today. Reliable, affordable, and no one could take it away from you.


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