Household Print Items as Interior Design

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Is a room in your home lacking color? We have an idea for you. Gather up books and magazines from around your home. Many people have more than they imagine. On an empty shelf or cabinet, stack the printed items to your liking. Color-coordinate or mix it up! The spines and peeking of colorful covers will show and add vibrance to the plain wood or metal holder. Not costing a dime, using the printed materials around your house as decorations and color touches will spice up your plain rooms.

Now, try this same idea with your Kindle or e-reader. Oh, wait… all those cold metal devices don’t look very welcoming and warm, do they? Not so colorful either. And who could afford multiple e-readers around a house? Not too many people. Looks like this is ANOTHER craft idea that is just better with print; one of the many.

An interior decorator from Toronto had a client who requested books in a room. ‘“In this case we had come across these vintage Penguin paperbacks and they always colour-code their books,” said Theresa Casey, owner of Casey Design…“With books and clients, I think it’s a great way to reflect your interests and who you are,” said Casey. “It really brings a lot of personality to the space, whether you’re color-coding them because of the collection or because you like the way it looks.” ’[1] Even professionals like Casey use books as decorative objects!

One can even make a hobby out of their book organizing. Buy books with subjects in similar cover colors. Then, finding books on your shelves will be easier. Genres separated by distinct color. Beautiful and helpful. The possibilities are endless with printed books. Cold metal tablets are limiting in color, beauty, and versatility.

What is your favorite decorative book idea? Share your ideas with everyone here at The P.A. Hutchison Company so we could try it!


2 thoughts on “Household Print Items as Interior Design

  1. Yes, books (and magazines) are a great addition to one’s decor. It’s even better if one actually reads the books and magazines!

    • Cindy, we completely agree! As book manufacturers, The P.A. Hutchison Company is a HUGE fan of print and reading. Thank you for checking our site, please follow our blog to read future blog postings!

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