Are You Supporting Amazon and its Cruel Work Environments?


Amazon, who manufacturers one of the most popular e-books on the current market, the Kindle, may not be a company you want to give your business to. Besides the numerous reports on how poorly Amazon treats their customers, such as Norwegian woman, Linn, who lost access to her Kindle books without warning or reason and had to fight with Amazon to be allowed access to her purchases,[1] or when Amazon removed George Orwell’s 1984 & Animal Farm from its e-book store, leaving no traces of the book for those who purchased it,[2] it is now coming out that Amazon does not even treat its own employees with consideration or care.

“Amazon fired its German security firm after a documentary film crew from ARD tied it to a far right wing group. The film crew revealed that seasonal workers hired by an Amazon subcontractor in Germany, many of whom were previously unemployed, were driven around Germany in buses, housed in poor conditions and kept under constant surveillance by the aforementioned security guards.”[3]

The Financial Times, a source for the latest business information in the UK, revealed, “On their arrival in Germany, the temps were allegedly housed several to a cabin at a vacant holiday park where they were dependent on unreliable and overcrowded bus services. The workers were monitored by a security company called Hensel European Security Services, whose initials, the program pointed out, spell out the surname of Hitler’s deputy, Rudolf Hess.”[4]  An in-depth report into the UK Amazon warehouse documented workers had to walk between seven and fifteen miles each day. Also, before leaving, workers must pass through rigorous computer scannings to assure no one is stealing.[5]

This is closer to home than you may think, “in the US, Amazon warehouses have come under scrutiny in the past two years as local media have reported stories of tough productivity targets, soaring temperatures and on-the-job injuries.”[6]

In 2011, when news that Amazon was opening a warehouse in the UK became public, people were excited and relieved at the thought of new jobs in their struggling economy. Not even two years later, that hype has disappeared. Glenn Watson, Manager of Economic Development says it best, “They’re [Amazon] not seen as a good employer. It’s not helpful to our economy; it’s not helpful to the individuals.”[7]

In 2011, an Amazon official said the company employed about 15,000 people, but different accounts showed Amazon averaged just 3,023 employees. To go further, many of those 3,000 plus workers are temps with no benefits or long-term plans of stay.[8] Amazon—why lie?

Do you really want to this tyrant of a company? Purchasing the Kindle and its products is promoting Amazon to continue in their cold mannered ways. People in our own country are being affected by Amazon’s harsh working conditions.

The P.A. Hutchison Company is a family-owned printing company that has been in business OVER 100 Years. The average amount of time P.A. Hutchison employees have been with the company is almost 12 years. Clearly, we are keeping our employees happy and staying true to our family environment. And we treat our customers the same.

E-books are worse for the environment than print (check out the New York Times’ yearlong study on data centers) and the companies that make them, only care about making money. Choose print and choose The P.A. Hutchison Company. We will take exceptional care of you just as we do with our own employees.




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