Riggio Wants Retail Stores, Not Nook

According to an article published in late February, Barnes and Nobles might be going through significant changes in upcoming months.

Leonard Riggio, chairman and founder of Barnes and Nobles, revealed to board of directors that he wanted to buy the bookstores and Barnesandnoble.com — but not the current fad of the Nook.

Riggio started selling books in the early 1960s as a student clerk in a New York University bookstore before starting his own store. In the 1970s, Riggio acquired the Barnes & Noble name and its flagship bookstore in Manhattan. In January, the Nook unit’s revenue fell 12.6% to $311 million during the nine-week holiday period.[1]

The P.A. Hutchison Company believes between Nook sales declining and Riggio not wanting to include the e-book in his plans, that print is making its comeback. Riggio, like other book lovers, are moving on past the e-book fad. Join us and others in sticking with print. Print has been around the longest and is here to stay. Call today and place your print order!


Read the full article here: http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/business/2013/02/25/barnes–noble-chair-buy-retail-business/1945623/





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