Books are a Favorite in Airports

The P.A. Hutchison Company traveled nearly halfway across the country last week to attend the ASTD 2013 International Conference and Exposition in Dallas, TX. For Erin Jones, Director of Sales and Administration; Jeff McDonald, National Sales Representative; and Vita Ranella, Marketing Specialist, traveling to Texas was actually a short trip compared to some attendees and exhibitors who ventured to The Lone Star State from as far as the United Kingdom and the Middle East.

Luckily, no one from The P.A. Hutchison Company experienced any flight delays and our trips were as smooth as they could be. What made our journey even more enjoyable were the beautiful book stores that we saw at three different airports. Whoever said “Print is Dead,” was clearly mistaken. Throughout our trip, we noticed bookstores packed with people and jammed with beautifully printed items.

This unique idea, found in the Detroit Metro Airport, allows patrons to buy a book, enjoy its fascinating story, and then return it for your money back, which could be put toward another print buy! But just know… this offer is exclusive to print! The trade does NOT apply to e-books; just another reason proving print is better!

Detroit 1

The Dallas Fort Worth Airport in Dallas, Texas, offered more in their little shops besides cowboy hats. One store elongated in an “L” shape and was filled with beautifully covered printed books. Included in the store was a small café for customers to grab a delicious treat and then read a wonderful book while waiting for their flight.

Dallas 8

Dallas 5 Dallas 6 Dallas 2

And last but not least, at our final layover before Pennsylvania, we saw another print filled bookstore in Atlanta, Georgia. All the printed subject options and alluring covers are fascinating and can cause a person to almost miss his or her flight!

Atlanta 1

Join The P.A. Hutchison Company and Choose Print!! Printed books are here to stay and are not going away any time soon!


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