Bindery Machine Operator Retiring After 44 Years

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Today The P.A. Hutchison Company says, “Thank you,” to Ron Talarico, Bindery Machine Operator, who honored the company with nearly 44 years of hard work and is now retiring.

Ronnie began work at The P.A. Hutchison Company on July 1, 1969. Little did he know that he was starting his lifelong career. Ronnie is a valued worker who was consistently hardworking. “He has lived up to his nickname,” explains Plant Manager, Hank Elwell, “…Steady Ronnie.” Elwell described Ronnie as even-keeled and reliable. Jokingly, Elwell, a proclaimed Boston Red Sox fan, adds, “And unlike many Yankee fans, he criticizes the team when they deserve it.”

Mike D’Annunzio, Bindery Supervisor, compliments Ronnie in many ways; he focused on Ronnie’s ability to help others, “He’s a very good teacher… a very patient teacher.”

And what was Ronnie’s favorite part of working for The P.A. Hutchison Company? Smiling, Ronnie answered, “I never got laid off… Oh, and the people!”

Ron Talarico will be strongly missed. The P.A. Hutchison Company cannot express enough appreciation to him for so many years of great service.

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4 thoughts on “Bindery Machine Operator Retiring After 44 Years

  1. Ron you will definately be missed. I enjoyed the last 3 years without an insult but now we can finally hit the lottery

  2. Ronnie will definately be missed…I’ll really miss his “Yankee Updates”….he was also known around the plant as ” Steady Ronnie”

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