Students Choose Print

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Before labeling printed books as a nuisance and cumbersome, read reports on why students have been slow to adopt e-books into their lives… “Students reported problems with readability, complained of eyestrain, and said the e-books were not fully compatible with all mobile devices. They also noted that the navigation features meant to enhance learning like zoom, highlighting and annotation don’t function well.”[1]

This comes from information collectively gathered by the University of Wisconsin, Cornell, University of Minnesota, University of Virginia, and Indiana University. The schools were curious as to why students have been slow to embrace digital texts; the study occurred during the spring 2012 semester.

Students divulged an interesting thought to researchers, “the functions that make e-books more attractive to students than print books weren’t being fully maximized by faculty. Features like annotating texts, collaboration tools and the ability to share notes with other students weren’t being used or modeled by the professors… But even for those who did use shared annotation features, some actually found it to be more distracting, especially when those annotations were from other students, not the professor.”[2]

This infers that faculty members prefer printed books to e-books. There is no “training” of annotated features with a print book. All you need is the ability to read. Students familiar with how to use e-book features admit that they are often more distracting than helpful.

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