Printed Books to Teach Kids the Value of Money

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Trying to teach your kids the value of money? Pick up a book for help. These children’s stories will help you and your family explore the importance of saving money and hard work. These books help parents explain to their children the process of their own budgeting; the books are a conversation opener.

“Even when children’s books feature difficult topics, they often do so with humor and other plot points, so the books don’t feel overly heavy or pedantic. ‘Good children’s books aren’t overtly written to ‘teach a lesson,’ and if a book does teach a lesson, it should come out in a subtle way,’ says Seattle-based children’s book editor and writer Nina Hess.”[1]

The P.A. Hutchison Company is a family owned printing company that is currently being guided by fourth-generation Hutchisons. Being in business for over 100 years has given us the advantage to perfect our printed materials. Let us show you our work, contact us today to get your orders in!


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