Save Money with Tree of Printed BOOKS!

 4 art book

Every holiday season, millions of people buy trees to decorate their homes. Whether this be a tradition, a religious homage, or simply to add aesthetics, holiday trees are a beautiful addition to homes and buildings.

Unfortunately, trees could be costly, especially in cities where trees are not prevalent. Even the price of artificial trees could be damaging to your wallet! We have the perfect solution. In an effort to save money, create a tree using materials in your own house. Seem impossible? It’s actually quite easy.

Collect all the printed books from around your house; gather all different sizes and and titles. Group together books of similar spine diameters and begin building a base for your tree. If you don’t have many books, a large circle of printed materials is not necessary, just arrage books in a triangle. If you have a plentiful amount of books, create the base by arranging a circle or square of books. Next, continue building up and narrowing each level of books to create the shape of a tree. Lastly, stand your favorite book on top of the book tree. Leave plain or dangle a strand of lights around the printed tree to create a beautiful glow.

Printed books are not only, beautiful, but they are GREEN too! Forests managed by responsible forests can actually preserve the habitats of endangered species and paper companies typically plant three trees for every one they harvest! (“The Truth about Paper,” by Martha Spizziri)

Create your printed tree today, there’s no reason not to! Who doesn’t want to save a few extra bucks?!



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