Best Way to Decompress? See what Fashionista SJP Says!

Beautiful Actress and Fashionista, Sarah Jessica Parker, recently gave an interview to Vogue showing off her NYC home. Printed Books line her walls and shelves.

And more importantly, one of the last questions she was asked at the 5:05 mark of the clip, “What is the best way to decompress?” She gave an answer The P.A. Hutchison Company loves to hear, “With a book!”

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Tune in to see for yourself:

Printed Ads Preferred for School Shopping


Print still prevails in this digital world. Despite popularity of smart phones and websites, a study by Placed Insights shows print is still preferred for shopping. Placed is a popular and reliable leader in location and consumer behavior analytics; the company has been featured by significant news sources such as Forbes, CNN, The New York Times, and CBS News.

“When more than 12,000 U.S study participants (all smartphone users with at last one child) were asked which ways they prefer to receive back-to-school promotions, 46.3% said ‘print ads,’ followed by ‘direct mail’ (41.3%) — far ahead of social media (21.2%).” [1]

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Read the full report here: Back-To-School Shopping: 2013 Trends

Stephen King Chooses Print Only for “Joyland”

Stephen King.[1]

Stephen King, notorious for his horror stories and complicated plots, has shown  where he stands in the war of print vs. digital. Originally an advocate for e-books, even attending the 2009 premiere and launch of Amazon’s Kindle 2, King has now found his way back to print.[2]

With efforts to boost revenues of book stores, King’s newest written piece, “Joyland,” will not be available in e-book format; the novel will be published June 4th in print only. “I have no plans for a digital version,” King explained about “Joyland.” “Maybe at some point, but in the meantime, let people stir their sticks and go to an actual bookstore rather than a digital one.”[3]

As King said in 2009 at the Kindle 2 premier, “Yes, MP3s and iTunes destroyed the CD industry. Nobody’s going to buy the whole if you can just buy a slice. But that doesn’t apply to books.”[4] King believed it then and he confirms it to this day, e-books will not replace printed books; e-books are a fad. Many people, like King, display unwavering support for print. Choose Print today!